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November 30th, 1942 Plane Crash To:Group Captain Anderson D.F.C. AFC Officer Commanding RAF, F.C. Gander, Nfld} From:S/L Dr. R.Morrow D.F.C. D.F.F.C. Gander Aircraft Damage Airframe: Port tailplane crumpled, fuselage torn and bent, belly ripped open, Nose destroyed as far back as pilot's compartment. Both main planes damaged at roots Starboard wing tip crumpled. Engine nacelles damaged removing engines. Engines: Both shock loaded due to wheels up landing. Aircrews bent. Salvage: Salvage was begun by aircraft crew, and completed by the crew of the RCAF L.K. Sweeney. Local labour was also employed. Salvage was complete except for the undercarriage, fuselage, main planes, tail fin, tail planes, and damaged parts. Recovered and loaded on board the Sweeney are the following items: Engines, Freight, Radios, All instruments, Arnament including 7 machine guns, Cockpit cover, Seats, Loose and detached aircraft equipment. The salvage of engines involved the use of local labour as they could only be removed by the following method. Cutting of all connections and engine bearers. Tearing out of wings by man power. Loading onto log skides and dragging by man power one mile over very rough ground to a dock for loading. In this connection, I suggest that the RCAF be informed that the engine salvage was made possible only by the enterprise of Captain Howell and the crew of the Sweeney. Salvage of Undercarriage and Airframe I have made arrangements with Father Hennebury R.C. Priest at Conche that he supervise the cutting up the airframe into wings, fuselage, tail planes, etc. and their removal to local dock ready for shipment, either late this month or next spring. I informed him that Ferry Command would contact him and authorize this work if they wish it preceded with local labor. I made no agreement with him as to the cost of this work but provisionally we are agreed on a flat rate of $100.00 . If Ferry Command wish to proceed with this arrangement they will have to supply the following equipment: 4 hack saw blades, 100 ft. of rope, 6 axes. Local Expense F/L Braithwaite (RCAF paymaster) who was aboard the Sweeney, paid all local expenses in connected with salvage and damage done by the aircraft. He will submit the total amount involved which approximates $ 250.00. In addition to the above James Flynn, and Ambrose Flynn, of Conche, who lived near the site of the aircraft, have been appointed as guard's of the aircraft. I made no financial arrangement with then beyond ascertaining that $5.00 weekly, will satisfy all his claims. I recommend that Ferry Command: 1: pay $100.00 to Father Henneburg to have all parts of the aircraft removed to the dock. 2: pay the Flynn's $5.00 weekly till the aircraft is collected. 3 pay L. Bromley $ 5.00 weekly till the aircraft is removed from his land. Performance of Boston BZ 277 The aircraft was flown for 7.25 hours plus 30 minutes ground running, after which there remained approx. 25 gallons of usable petrol. This high consumption is explained by the fact that the engines were run for long periods at full power, due to wing icing. The Bomb Bay tank failed after about 3.5 hours flight. It is not known whether all the petrol was used or not. The tank guage showed about 60 gallons remaining. This could not be measured after landing as the tank was ripped open. The feed stopped and the booster check light went out which suggested failure of the booster pump. De-Icing Propellor de-icers worked efficiently, but windscreen de-icer only cleared a small strip. The paste applied to the wings was useless. The a/c stalled at ASI 170 with only about one inch of ice on leading edges. Local payments made in cash F/L Braitwaite, RCAF accountant officer made the following cash payments as witnessed by S/L Morrow, and father Hennebury is connection with the salvage of aircraft Boston BZ, 277, at Conche NFLD, on December 2, 1942. Labour Hire -$201.00 Property Damage - 34.00 195 feet of fence-service and hire equipment - 42.00 Lumber - 4.00 \par Total -$281.00 F/L Braithwaite S/L Morrow