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Conche NL will be celebrating a come home year in 2013.

If your on facebook you can read all about it and I’m thinking they are still working on the events and timings. Likely as people come and go in Conche there will be something planned or going on. Drop by have a visit if you can survive the road to conche that maybe one day will get fixed. Post more info later..

My Plans this spring and summer.

Might take a trip to Jasper Alberta soon but once the snow gets melted and the oil roads are dry will spend sometime lost along the Swan River. Playing ball in the Fort Assinibione, Alberta or hanging around on the side of the highway chasing wild life. Will post some news as I see it and add the pictures to the picture pages.
Ghostcod Sometimes I just love to sit on a rock and let the world go by. Drop me a line if you need some pictures..

Your in Grizzly Bear Country

Well I do try to follow my own rules on this and keep as far away from them as possible but still able to get the picture. I usually use the 100 to 400 mm zoom lens for that occasion.